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Kharma Selected as Preferred Vendor for Vimana Franchise Systems

Vimana Franchise Systems

Kharma Consulting is proud to announce that we have been selected as a Preferred Vendor of Wifi and Guest Networks for Vimana Franchise Systems. Founded in 1989, Vimana Franchise Systems has over 30 franchised hotels in the United States operating under the Key West and Centerstone brands

We look forward to a long relationship with the great franchise operators of these wonderful brands!

Ruckus Wireless Certification - We got that!

Ruckus Wireless WiSE ReX Certification

Over the weekend here at Kharma, Rick received his Ruckus Wireless WiSE Certification and I renewed mine. We also went ahead and passed the Ruckus Wireless ReX for sales exams as well.

WiSE Level 1 is our primary certification. It ensures that you have the necessary skills to design, deploy, manage, and support robust wireless networks consisting of a range of Ruckus smart Wi-Fi products, including ZoneDirector controllers and Access Points at revision 9.6.


Good time at the Gujarati Samaj of Arkansas meet and greet at Cactus Jacks

 Gujarati Samaj of Arkansas

Big thanks to Gary, Ash, Kishan, Jay, Nick, Bhu and the rest of the GSA board for hosting a successful vendor meet and greet at the Cactus Jacks restaurant last night. It was nice to meet not only our GSA friends but to interact with other vendors as well.

We look forward to a mutally shared success for 2015 and beyond!

About the GSA - We would like to proudly welcome everyone to Gujarati Samaj of Arkansas (GSA).Our main purpose here at the GSA is to provide opportunity to experience our rich culture along with our traditional values. Participation in our cultural activities will help our children learn more about their background. With valuable support of the GSA, we will ensure that we preserve our Gujarati heritage for years to come. www.gsaarkansas.com

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Using Wi-Fi to provide the wireless infrastructure for a Smart City

Smart Wifi for Smart Cities

Smart Cities have become a very important topic in recent years. There are many different elements to a Smart City deployment of which one of the most important is broadband wireless connectivity. Cities want this connectivity to attract more businesses into the community, increase tourism, enable a host of new public services, and support internal city operations. There is also a very strong desire that these networks be "free", which tends to introduce business model challenges.

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Why does my my Hotel Wifi System cause Guest Complaints?

Frustrated by your hotel wifi?

There are many things in a hotel wifi system and its operation that can cause complaints by guests. Some of them are in your control and some are not. Here are some things to look for…

When a guests complains about the wifi and says something like “The wifi is not working” or “I am having problems with the wifi” a little detective work is needed as these responses are not helpful to diagnosing your wifi system. Ask the guest what “exactly” he is experiencing.

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Getting Your Apple Tv and Roku to Connect to a Hotel Network

I see tons and tons of articles on how to use your Roku or AppleTV in your hotel room if the hotel requires a terms of agreement page when you connect. Of course the problem is that these streaming devices do not have a browser for you to click I Agree or enter a passcode.

These articles usually talk about tricks of spoofing your mac address in some way and using routers to mask a MAC address, but truly, the easiest way is to pick up your phone and call the 800 number support line and have them manually whitelist your MAC address.

So how do I get my MAC address so that I can tell them. Well, if it is a good support company they will walk you through it but just in case here are some instructions.

On the Roku, from the main screen, click Settings and then About. Your MAC address us listed on this screen.


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