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Slow Hotel Internet


So you have upgraded to your ISPs 100 meg service or better and things still seem to slow down during prime usage hours at your hotel and you cannot figure out why. You call your ISP and they tell you everything looks fine. They may even have you disconnect the network and run a speed test with only your laptop connected and sure enough you are getting the advertised rate.

Odd, huh?

Well, all networking equipment has a specification called maximum TCP sessions. Every time you open a webpage, each thing on that webpage open a TCP session to the web server on the other end. Opening a single webpage might open 50 or more TCP sessions to the web server. Now multiply this times all the people at your hotel trying to surf the internet.

Here is a forum post I found with this exact issue…

“So, I'm troubleshooting a problem at one of my schools. I have a 100Mega Coax based Comcast Business connection feeding one of my schools. I have WatchGuard firewalls, Dell PowerConnect switches, and a 5 block of static addresses from a Comcast modem in IP Passthrough.

My school has around 650-700 students that don't use a lot of bandwidth, but they have a lot of TCP connections. It appears that two modems we've tried with Comcast fold under the load of connections. An SMCDM3 and a Cisco BWG have both been tried. The SMC handled connectivity far better than our Cisco, with overall throughput at 40 Meg in use at any given moment. The Cisco only made it to 18 Meg when under the load of 400 students before the number of TCP connections being made brought it to its knees.

Bear in mind here that with ONE computer connected to the modem, I get 118Meg down and with only a few devices on the network after hours, I can see my firewall max our the connection just fine. Its the sheer number of devices, NOT the bandwidth causing the issue.”

ISP modem, even if they are so called “Business Class” are simply not designed to handle these high traffic volumes. So what to do?


You need an enterprise class router-firewall to handle your local internet traffic. Have you ISP put the modem into “bridge mode” and let your new router do all the heavy lifting because that’s what it was made for.

Also, remember that your network is a system. Just because you upgrade your ISP line does not mean your ten year old access points will handle it.

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