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We all want to get the best price for the things we need in business, so we negotiate hard. The problem is at some point you may be shooting yourself in the foot.

You call up your vendor of choice and ask for a quote. The vendor gives you a quote for he knows through experience is exactly what you need. Then the negotiations begin..

As you beat this vendor down on price, he can only go so far with just price and other adjustments have to be made. To get where you want to be on price, some features may have to go or the performance level of the system may have to come down - or both.

A contract is finally negotiated and the system is installed. That excellent performing system first quoted is now but just a memory and the delivered system is, well, ok. You think,"It's better than what I had at least."

I think this is true for most B2B businesses. The customers I have had may have negotiated but they held on to the quality. They are also the happiest customers I have. They, not coincidentally, have the happiest guests too!

I have seen competitors quotes where what is quoted does not even match the hotel flag standards (and these are the "preferred" vendors).

One of my favorite phone calls is when someone calls wanting guest support because they are dissatisfied with their current provider and after giving a price they say "Well my current provider ony charges xx dollars". My reply is usually "If they are so great, why are you calling me?".

The takeaway here is that it is ok to push for a better price (we all do it), but don't do it at the sacrifice of quality

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