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MDU Wifi

The MDU Challenge: Attracting Residents and Retaining Them

  • Property owners constantly try to attract residents and retain them.
  • Resident churn reduces revenue by increasing the competition between property owners.
  • Property owners need a competitive differentiator to win residents and maintain lease/renewel rates.
  • Must-have amenities such as high-speed, reliable internet service can make the difference!

What Are Residents Looking For?

  • Electricty
  • Water
  • Phone Service
  • Wi-Fi | W-Fi is the "4th Utility"

But "Bring Your Own Wi-Fi" Doesn't Work

  • In an MDU Setting, Individual Wi-Fi poses several challenges:
  • Interference (service disruptions)
  • Poor Performance (lower throughput)
  • Resident Expense (a "tax" on top of the rent)
  • Security Risks (a resident may not implement proper security, enabling bad actors within the MDU)

What Is The Solution? Bulk Wi-Fi!

  • Shared access to keep individual costs down.
  • Unified Network to mitigate interference, ensure performance, and protect the network throughout a property.
  • Bandwidth Preset by property owners to ensure great Wi-Fi for emailing, tweeting, gaming, movies and more.
  • 8+ Devices connect to the internet from the average home; that number multiplies exponentially in an MDU setting.
  • 40% or more of consumers regularly use video chat and VOIP at home.

Demands On The Network Are Increasing

  • Almost 30 billion IoT devices by 2020.
  • Emergence of social networking.
  • Mobility explosion.
  • Growth of network endpoints.
  • 5 devices per person by 2018.
  • Supporting new services and applications.
  • IDC expects that by the end of 2019, more than 25% of US households will not subscribe to a traditional pay TV service, opting for an over-the-top IP application.

Bulk Wi-Fi Benefits Property Owners by...

  • Delivering the connected lifestyle residents crave.
  • Improving the experiance of their residents by lowering networ connectivity costs.
  • Creating a competitive advantage thus improving the MDUs occupancy rates.
  • Providing a powerful sales promotion tool to attract residents.

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